THURSDAY TRACK PICK - Spirit Fingers, "Being"

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KEYBOARD is proud to premiere the new video for "Being" from pianist and composer Greg Spero's new group SPIRIT FINGERS. 

Spero toured with singer/songwriter Halsey for the past three years and just capped off his tenure with the singer January 13th on Saturday Night Live. One of Spero's mentors is fellow Chicagoan Herbie Hancock. It was Hancock who introduced Spero to the Buddhist practice of Nichiren Daishonin about nine years ago. 

“Some of the most important things I learned from Herbie and Buddhism is how to clear away a lot of the transient things from my mind and in my life to access that which is deeper," Spero says. "To do so, you can’t have your mind cluttered with all the shit involving daily life. Most of that stuff is transient and less important than that which is deeper and within. When we are creating incredible music, we are accessing that which is deeper. He taught me how to change my living habits, and most importantly, how I relate to other people."

Spero's new CD SPIRIT FINGERS is due out 3/16 on Shanachie Records. For more info visit