We've been fans of retro piano rockers Low Cut Connie since they burst onto the scene with their acclaimed 2017 album Dirty Pictures (Part 1). On May 18, they will release its sequel, Dirty Pictures (Part 2). We're choosing the single "Beverly" as this week's THURSDAY TRACK PICK. 

"Years ago when I was a piano player in a swanky, gay cocktail bar in NYC, I wrote the melody for the song," frontman and keyboardist Adam Weiner says. "It was just a pretty little tune...kind of in a McCartney / Randy Newman vein. After not playing it for probably 10 years, the melody came back to me one day, but with a chunky boogie left hand. All the lounge cocktail bar vibe was gone and it felt more 'middle America trailer park' to me, and then Beverly showed up quickly."

For more information, visit http://lowcutconnie.com

Low Cut Connie Album Art