We're choosing Kendrick Scott Oracle's song "Mocean" from the upcoming album A Wall Becomes A Bridge as our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week.

"Mocean started out as a compositional idea that I had, and something about the flow of it seemed in harmony with the aesthetic of the music of Oracle, so I brought it to Kendrick to see if it might fit to play in his band," pianist and the song's composer Taylor Eigsti tells us. "Kendrick brought a sense of honesty and purpose to the piece, which gave it a fresh context and meaning. One of the reasons I love playing in Kendrick's group is that he features and integrates the musical personality of all of the members of Oracle within his vision, and I was honored to have contributed an idea that evolved as a band into a collective statement that became part of the story and his vision for this album. Like most of the music we play in Oracle, the tune keeps evolving when we perform it live as well, which is an exciting process."

Kendrick Scott adds, “This piece and the playing on it is an embodiment of Taylor's keen sense of momentum, melody and intention. In instant and delayed composition he always provides those unique qualities which are a huge part of the sound of Oracle.”

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