We're choosing Grammy-winning keyboardist and songwriter Jon Cleary's infectious song "Big Greasy" from his new album Dyna-Mite as our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week.

"In ‘Big Greasy’ I started by playing a New Orleans street beat groove on the drums as a foundation and then built a Fonk/Rock Steady hybrid on top," Cleary tells us about the track. "I deliberately left out the ’skanga’ part that would otherwise have made it a reggae tune. Lyrically I wanted to say something about this town's famous funkiness and how that seductive aspect of the city, much beloved, has been in question since we re-emerged after the mess of Hurricane Katrina. The title is a play on the old sobriquet ‘The Big Easy’, and the song is best summed up by the line: 'Don’t go messing up a good thing, trying to sweep our city clean, it’s the funk that hold it together, talking ‘bout my hometown New Orleans'!"

Dyna-Mite  hits stores July 13. For more information visit http://joncleary.com