THURSDAY TRACK PICK - John Escreet's "Opening"

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We're choosing keyboardist/composer John Escreet's "Opening" from his new album  Learn To Live as our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week.

"'Opening' is a tune that I wrote to feature the Sequential Prophet-6 and two drummers at once," Escreet tells us. "It’s really fun to play. It was a brand new tune that we rehearsed quickly in the studio and then played and recorded. It has that raw, live energy.”

For his first album of composed music in five years, Escreet is joined by a dream team cast of musicians; two separate bands he was gigging with in 2017 that performed on the album sessions together. The band features Greg Osby (saxophone), Nicholas Payton (trumpet), Eric Harland (drums), Justin Brown (drums) and Matt Brewer (bass). Drummers Harland and Brown recorded on four of the tracks together.

Learn To Live documents Escreet’s recent obsession with synthesizers, namely Sequential's legendary Prophet model. He taught himself analog synthesis and it led to key compositional moments on the album.

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