Jeff Bryant made a name for himself playing keyboards with acts like Alpha Rev, Cory Morrow and Hudson Moore, but on his new release Sleeping With the Lights On, he takes center stage. The album's lead-off track "Not Gonna Run" is this week's THURSDAY TRACK PICK.

"I like to think of it as a pop record that also delivers the raw, organic vibe you find on rock and Americana records," Bryant says of his new solo album. "'Not Gonna Run' is a song about realizing love that's right in front of you. I'm betting that most people can relate to being in a relationship (however right or wrong) that other people don't think they should be in. This is written from the perspective of someone who has had their doubts, but ends up going for it. Fingers crossed it works out for them."

"Musically, this song was a lot of fun to record," Bryant continues. "It features two drummers, two guitarists, bass, and I played acoustic and the all the keys parts. It's a pop/soul tune with a little modern jazz flavor that creeps in later in the song. There's also a Wurlitzer 200A part with a little delay and some simple octave pop piano part banging away through the outro of the song. The keys serve a simple but important role on this track, which I was okay with as long we served the song. I think we achieved that."

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