THURSDAY TRACK PICK - Jade Bird's "My Motto"

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We're choosing "My Motto" from Jade Bird's self-titled debut album as our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week.

Album co-producer (and frequent Keyboard contributor) David Baron tells us, "Jade and I decided to track this to be played by her band. We decided to first lay down a 'scratch' vocal and piano track on the Steinway Model B grand piano at Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck, NY so everyone could learn it. I remember being nervous that I would remember all of the chord changes! We recorded one take as a warm up, and the entire group in the control room including my fellow co-producer Simone Felice immediately exclaimed, 'That’s the record!' All of the other instruments were added later on. No piano edits were made, or vocal tuning of any kind added. Imagine that in 2019!"

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