THURSDAY TRACK PICK - Grayshot's "Ordinary Love"

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Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're choosing the song "Ordinary Love" from Minneapolis band of brothers Grayshot as our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week.

"This song is about something that most people experience at some point that is so all-encompassing and can change you so deeply, but that is also so universal that it can seem trite to talk about it so we often kind of minimize it’s impact," the band explains. "We’d love to say we guided the production of this with the end in mind from the start, but in a lot of ways we were just kind of along for the ride. In the end we had this song that covered a wide range of emotions in a way that a relationship often does and we were trying to find the right sounds to accentuate those emotions. Sometimes it was minimal blips from a Jupiter that felt really close in the mix, or adding a Moog double to the bass in the bigger sections for this foundational energy. We landed on some Solina string patches for this soaring feeling, and a choral voice sample in the solo for something a bit otherworldly, and so on (there are a lot of layers on this track). It was a extremely rewarding bringing this to life because when we would finally land on the right thing we felt the immediate payoff of a new wave of energy for whatever came next. Again, much like a relationship."