We're picking "Brooklyn," the new single by singer/songwriter Connor Leimer as our THURSDAY TRACK PICK this week. Produced by frequent Keyboard contributor Matt Rollings (Lyle Lovett, Alison Krauss), it's a song that has stayed in constant rotation since we first heard it.

"The song is about a relationship I was in," Leimer tells us. "I was in love with a girl, but she moved to Brooklyn on a swimming scholarship. Here she is going to be in the 'big city,' and I’m stuck in the South. It’s the story of her leaving me behind."

The track came to life when Rollings signed-on to produce."Every bone in Matt's body is musical," Leimer explains. "From the arrangement, to the songwriting, to the way he comps a vocal, he’s a storyteller.”

For more information on Connor Leimer, visit https://www.connorleimer.com