THURSDAY TRACK PICK - Colin Hay's "Come Tumblin' Down"

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For most listeners, the name Colin Hay is still synonymous with Men at Work, the 1980's supergroup he fronted. But ever since he left the band in 1985, Hay has been releasing passionate, infectious world/pop music that cuts right to the core. (Plus, he gets extra keyboard credit for the title track of his 1987 album Looking for Jack, which featured none other than jazz piano legend Herbie Hancock)!

Hay's music has been featured in films and television shows like Garden State and Scrubs, and he continues to sell-out venues worldwide. For a heartfelt look at his career, check-out the recent documentary Colin Hay - Waiting for My Real Life.

And for an example of an 80's artist who is still relevant and pushing musical boundaries today, check-out Hay's new track "Come Tumblin' Down" below, from his latest release Fierce Mercy.

It's our THURSDAY TRACK PICK for the week.