Three Synths Featured in SynthStation App Update


Updated SynthStation app features three synthesizers for creating melodies, chords and bass lines, as well as over 50 drum kits for portable music production using iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Cumberland, R.I. (July 5, 2011) – Akai Professional, the name synonymous with music production, announces the release of SynthStation v2.0, an updated version of the original SynthStation music production app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store.

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Featuring CoreMIDI support, real-time recording capability, a customizable metronome, sound-preview ribbon and numerous stability improvements, SynthStation v2.0 contains the most requested enhancements and capabilities from SynthStation enthusiasts everywhere.

SynthStation v2.0 works with any CoreMIDI compatible device, meaning users can employ SynthStation v2.0 on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as a virtual synthesizer module for CoreMIDI compliant controllers or integrate it with CoreMIDI compliant hardware and software sequencers. With the new real-time recording capability, users can now record as they create tracks directly on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or when controlling SynthStation v2.0 with the SynthStation25 portable controller. SynthStation v2.0's metronome is now fully customizable with adjustable volume and the ability to use any sound as the click track. A new preview ribbon on the sounds page allows users to preview any sound before assigning it.

Originally released in 2010, SynthStation transforms iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a portable music production studio. While SynthStation is powerful enough for professional musicians, virtually anyone can use it to easily create music. Featuring three synthesizers for creating melodies, chords and bass lines, SynthStation also contains over 50 drum kits with all the classic sounds of the past, legendary MPC samples and most popular modern samples.

“The SynthStation app has had a profound impact on how music is created,” said Glen Darcey, Akai Product Manager. “It is affordable, powerful, and now with v2.0, SynthStation has the capabilities that will solidify it as a standard tool for musicians and producers everywhere.”

SynthStation v2.0 is available now from the iTunes App Store for $1.99 US or as a free update to current SynthStation users. To learn more about SynthStation v2.0, please visit the iTunes App Store

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