The McCrary Sisters: Let's Go

Church organ meets rock and soul

The McCrary Sisters have served as backing singers for artists from Elvis Presley to Dr. John to the producer of this album, Buddy Miller—they’re the powerhouse, harmonious counterparts to dozens of singular artists. But the McCrarys shine most bright on their own albums, and Let’s Go is something special, as the McCrarys show exceptional depth and versatility on this release.

Featured alongside the group are various special guests, including another legendary gospel act, the Fairfield Four, who are always a treat to hear. And—not surprising on a Buddy Miller production—there’s a fantastic backing band that gives the arrangements deep roots in Americana and soul.

Especially uplifting are Ralph Lofton’s B3 playing—which is church-y in the best, most spiritual sense—and the interplay between the organ and Gordon Mote’s rocking trad piano parts. The familiar tune “That’s Enough,” for example, opens with a wonderful Aretha-esque piano intro, and the ensuing call-and-response between the singers and keyboards lifts the listener higher and higher—beautiful. A track that’s moving in a whole different way is “Hold the Wind,” where the organ is sustained as if echoing through a cathedral, filling the air and holding the same notes as the singers—including Miller on a few lines. It’s touches like this inventive and spooky version of spiritual that make Let’s Go a terrific listen for the secular, and not, among us.