The Legacy of Rosina Lhevinne Documentary

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Rosina Lhevinne was one of the greatest teachers in the 20th century representing the Russian School of piano playing. In the documentary "The Legacy of Rosina Lhevinne," you'll hear first-hand accounts by colleagues and students of her work, as well as see her in action. The film features interviews with some of the highest caliber artists in the world: Arthur Rubinstein, musicologist Nicolas Slonimsky, violinist Robert Mann, and Rosina Lhevinne's daughter, Marianna Lhevinne Graham.

Also appearing are Hans Boepple, John Browning, Martin Canin, Gwyneth Chen,Van Cliburn, Misha Dichter, James Levine, Hiroko Nakamura, Tong Il Han, Janet Goodman Guggenheim, Kun Woo Paik, Daniel Pollack, Jeffrey Siegel and John Williams.