He’s the Emmy Award-winning composer who came to fame scoring the hit series “The Tudors.” Get to know Trevor Morris, our TALENT SCOUT Artist of the Week.

NAME: Trevor Morris

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

MUSICAL TRAINING: Piano, violin, cello, bass and choir. Composition and orchestration were self l-taught.

FIRST GIGS: My first “music to picture” gig was winning a national advertising campaign in Toronto, surpassing New York and Chicago writers and agencies. It was an image campaign for Chevy racing where they brought Vince Lombardi back to life as a racecar coach. It is still one of the coolest commercials I’ve ever seen.My very first TV show was a collaboration with a great Canadian composer Amin Bhatia who graciously asked me on board a sci-fi show called “Code Name Eternity”. It was a big deal to me at that stage of my career.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Bach, Brahms, Mahler Pink Floyd, Rush, Simple Minds, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: I listen to mostly classical music as research for my next project, but I do check in and keep up to date on the latest soundtracks, trying to keep my finger on that pulse.

MY BIG BREAK: My career has been a string/series of small breaks. But if I had to pick one, it would be scoring “The Tudors”, that won me my first Emmy Award. It wasn’t my first television show, but it put me on the map. Something I am eternally grateful for.

LATEST PROJECTS: TV: “Taken,” “Vikings,” “Condor,” “Castlevania.” Film: “Hunter Killer,” “RedBad,” Asura,” SOMM 3.”

FAVORITE KEYBOARDS AND WHY? From my original purchases as a kid, I would have to say my Super Jupiter (MKS-80) and programmer, which I still own from 1985. Another favorite is my Yamaha S90 controller keyboard, since I literally play 10 hours a day, seven days a week. It's my main axe/input keyboard to my writing rig. For newer purchases, the Moog Sub37 and the Arturo’s MatrixBrute are vital to my collection. I also have the Waldorf Quantum on the way as we speak. Almost anything Dave Smith makes. But if I had to "take one with me,” it would be my Yamaha S6 Grand piano. It is an all handmade Yamaha that seems somehow built for film scoring, a crazy nuanced instrument.

ADVICE TO THE NEXT GENERATION: I call them the “Three P’s:” Purpose (or intention), Persistence and Patience. Mostly the last one - I see too many 24 year-olds frustrated they haven’t scored an “Avengers” movie yet, and I’ve seen that lack of patience really hurt them. Remember that John Williams was in his forties when he scored “Star Wars.” Composing music for visual media is truly a lifelong marathon, not a sprint.

For more information visit www.trevormorris.com