TALENT SCOUT - Rising Producer Tony Rodini

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Tony Rodini is an up-and-coming 26-year-old songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. He's currently making a name for himself producing artists like Blackbear, TYSM, Benjamin, Terror Jr, Weezer, Natasha Bedingfield, Happy Sometimes and other chart-topping acts.

NAME: Tony "Trodz" Rodini

AGE: 26

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia PA. I grew up in the suburbs, but later moved into the city. I ultimately ended-up relocating to Los Angeles.

MUSICAL TRAINING: I took guitar lessons as a kid in middle school, but I quit when I realized I didn’t enjoy learning classic rock songs and scales. From there, I was self-taught on every instrument that I play (guitar, keys, drums, computer).

FIRST GIGS: I played and toured with a band from the ages of 18-21. Eventually, I started getting into the production side of things by traveling to and from New York City. I spent time working with a friend of mine who was a few years ahead of me in that world. My first paid gigs were composing songs for brands and commercials.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: My favorite band has always been Third Eye Blind. They were a huge influence when I was starting-out. Eventually I drew inspiration from many sources like Hip-hop, R&B, dance, and all kinds of pop music.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: Torey Lanez, ID Black, Terror Jr, GUARD, and Cashmere Cat.

INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Guitar, keys, drums, basically any DAW, recorder, didgeridoo (no joke), and bass.

MY BIG BREAK: It’s hard to pinpoint one single big break. For instance; I started by working with amazing songwriters in LA, then I signed a publishing deal, then I began working with signed artists, etc. I guess my big break was when people really started listening to my work and songs.

LATEST ALBUM: The latest project I have been working on is the Terror Jr album. It will be one of the most influential albums of 2017…mark my words!

FAVORITE KEYBOARD/RECORDING GEAR: I don’t really have favorite gear, as I’m comfortable working with top of the line equipment or the absolute worst around. It’s all about your ear. I do love how a vocal sounds through any Telefunken mic and an Universal Audio 1176 compressor, though!

WHAT’S NEXT: I want to take my time and continue pushing the boundaries. I would rather put out fewer, yet amazing, songs this year rather than grind to put my name on every record I can hop on. As they always say; quality over quantity.

ADVICE: Have a thick skin, but never lose touch with your emotions and inspiration. The music industry is tough as hell to start out in, but all you need is that one person to give you a chance. It’s about preparation and timing as much as it is talent and business.

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