Singer, songwriter and keyboardist Joey Dosik has won praise from Quincy Jones and recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Get to know our TALENT SCOUT Artist of the Week.

NAME: Joey Dosik

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA

MUSICAL TRAINING: I started studying classical piano when I was around six years old. When I was nine, I took up the saxophone at school and soon I was hooked on that. I told my parents that I didn't want to study piano anymore. They responded, telling me that the saxophone was optional and piano would be a part of my education until I graduated high school. Saxophone and jazz became my main passion and I went to the University of Michigan to study. I never stopped playing piano and I eventually came back to it as my main instrument, as it had always been my passion to write songs and to play and sing. My next task was to delve into Stevie Wonder records to try and figure out how to voice chords, write songs, and play other instruments as well. I'm still on that quest!

FIRST GIGS: Growing up, I played at piano recitals and piano competitions. When I was 15, my friends and I played jazz gigs at a biker bar in Van Nuys called McRed's. When I came back to Los Angeles after college, I played keyboards for a variety of artists including LP and Nikka Costa.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: There are too many to name! I just made a Spotify playlist of influences for my debut record and it includes the Isley Brothers, Minnie Riperton, Marvin Gaye, Carole King, Ginuwine, Luciano Pavarotti, J Dilla, and Harry Nilsson among others. On piano, my biggest influences are Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Carole King.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: I've been loving Dionne Warwick and her records with Burt Bacharach. It took me a while for her voice to really mean something to me, but now I can't get enough! She is so musical, understated, and makes Bacharach's difficult music sound easy. And the David/Bacharach songbook is such an innovative and wonderful take on classic American popular music. The songs can be R&B songs, pop songs, or songs for the stage. I also don't want to forget to mention that the production is exquisite. They are timeless records! 

MY BIG BREAK:  My big break has been releasing music on the internet. I know this sounds basic, but because of the way music can spread, my music has touched places on earth that I never would have imagined. Someone sent me a picture of my music video on the TV in a Wingstop in Jakarta. That was enough to blow my mind 1,000 times and make me feel that the internet has been my big break. My other big break was performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in February.


LATEST PROJECTS: My Game Winner EP was re-released in February of 2018 and my debut full length record, Inside Voice, comes out on August 24, 2018. I also had two songs on the last Vulfpeck record, Mr. Finish Line.

FAVORITE KEYBOARDS AND WHY? First is a real piano. I'm not too picky - I'll take almost any snaggletoothed piano as long as it's not too far out of tune. Also the Wurlitzer 200A electric piano. It can be sweet and folky, and it can also be dirty and bite. What a wonderful instrument. And finally, the Casio SK1 and SK5. These tiny little keyboards are amazing. You might remember them from your friend's house growing up - they have the sampler on them. I've used these keyboards on many tracks. The flute sound is cool and the sampler is essential!

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU? This year I'll be releasing my record and doing a headlining tour of the US and Europe. I'll also be opening for Vulfpeck in the US and Europe.

ADVICE TO THE NEXT GENERATION: My advice is the same advice that was given to me: Play along with records and videos of your favorite artists. Or just play along with the radio. It's a great way to find your own sound, learn what parts the musicians are playing, and most importantly, to have fun playing music!

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