TALENT SCOUT - Adam MacDougall

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Adam MacDougall doesn't only collect vintage keys, he takes a truckload of them on-tour with him! From his metal-faced Minimoog, to his Rhodes, Clavinet and Hammond B3 organ, the fleet-fingered keyboardist for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood puts his money where his mouth is and plays the real thing every night on the road. That's why he's our TALENT SCOUT Artist of the Week.

NAME: Adam MacDougall

HOMETOWN: New York City.

MUSICAL TRAINING: I had a wonderful teacher since I was six-years-old by the name of Joe Kerr. He got me my first real book, and my Mom used to take me to see him play at clubs in New York. I also attended the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art where I was in the jazz program.

FIRST GIGS: My piano teacher had me come-up and play at one of his gigs when I was 10, and I made ten bucks in tips! Later, I cut my teeth playing with my funk band around New York in my my mid-teens.

MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Bernie Worrell from Funkadelic, Richard Wright from Pink Floyd, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, Monk, Leon Russell, Nicky Hopkins, Billy Preston, Joe Zawinul and Jan Hammer.

WHAT I’M LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: Lyle Mays’ first solo record, Melodies by Jan Hammer, and almost anything in the ECM catalogue.

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MY BIG BREAK: I suppose going to a jam session in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles where I connected with Chris Robinson and he subsequently asked me to join the Black Crowes. But I've been very lucky. I've had many breaks starting from a very young age. I got my first touring gig from being a bike delivery guy when I was 20 or so. And I’ve been going strong since.

LATEST ALBUM:Barefoot in the Head by the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

FAVORITE KEYBOARDS AND WHY? The Hohner D6 Clavinet...because it’s so versatile. I can get feedback and amazing sounds with pedals. Plus it’s a real workhorse. It can take a beating. Also, my Minimoog. I’ve always had a “Mini” in one shape or another since I was a teen. I’ve got an old metal face one from probably 1970. It’s incredible. On the road, it sounds like nothing else and holds up surprisingly well. In the studio, it can do anything. I love laying down multiple tracks of it to create a Moog orchestra.

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU? I’ve got two bands - the CRB and Circles Around the Sun. I’m just gonna push ‘em both as far as I can and make the kids dance!

ADVICE TO THE NEXT GENERATION: Get as much training as you can. Soak up everything you possibly can and learn to read. The more you know the better. There is so much out there. You'll need it all later when you’re old and can’t just coast-by on charm. Life picks up speed when you’re not looking. Get the knowledge now!

Find-out more at http://chrisrobinsonbrotherhood.com