Steve Nieve Plays Elvis Costello Live

Steve Nieve is on the road playing the songs of his longtime colleague and friend Elvis Costello.

Steve Nieve, longtime keyboardist for Elvis Costello's bands The Attractions and The Imposters is on the road; on his 'Steve Nieve Plays Elvis Costello' tour, he performs his own ravishing solo piano arrangements of Costello's songs. It's a wonderful opportunity to hear these songs in a new but essential way.

Concertgoers will hear haunting interpretations of hits such as 'Accidents Will Happen' and 'Almost Blue,' as well as beautiful, deeper cuts like 'I Want to Vanish' and 'The Birds Will Be Singing."

On his Facebook page, Nieve describes the tour as "playing Costello numbers across a broad spectrum of our musical journey, and recounting some of the best moments and memories of our thirty five year friendship."

Nieve is also working on a full-length studio album of the Costello songs: Vol. 1 in a series of planned piano interpretations of artists that Nieve most admires, including Neil Young, Frank Sinatra, Brian Eno, and Lou Reed.

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