SONiVOX Announces Wobble 2.0


Dubstep synthesizer adds important performance controls and abilities.

Cumberland, R.I. (June 11, 2013)—SONiVOX, a leading creator of premium virtual instruments and synthesis technologies, has released Wobble 2.0, the next-generation follow up to their popular Wobble Dubstep Grime Generator. Offering deep modulation control, a multi-function pattern generator, and useful tempo-sync abilities, Wobble 2.0 uses simple controls to quickly create massive moving and shifting timbres.

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Wobble 2.0 combines two stereo channels of the patent-pending SONiVOX Spectral Morphing Synthesis technology. Each channel is equipped with a moveable filter offering frequency and resonance control, as well as control over the harmonic content, all at the whim of a tempo sync-able LFO with extensive parameter control. Together, these features introduce all sorts of grit, grime, and motion to the sound. Combining the two channels provide endless possibilities for unique sound creation. To get things started, Wobble 2.0 contains over 200 factory presets, all of which can be quickly modified and saved.

Enhancements in the Pattern Page bring Wobble 2.0 sounds to life. Similar to an old-school analog step sequencer, the Pattern Generator goes beyond simple pitch and velocity, and provides the user with precise, measured-step control of up to ten crucial filter and LFO parameters. Automating even just one or two of these parameters can infuse any sound with snarling depth and motion. Each parameter affects only one Channel, so the two channels can be set spiraling around each other for added drama.

Onboard studio-quality chorus and reverb effects breathe even more life into each sound. In addition, the stereo delay can be synchronized to beat values of the current tempo, tying the sound, song, and effects together. Wobble 2.0 uses the SONiVOX Intelligent Rhythm Control (IRC) to adjust incoming MIDI note data. A SONiVOX exclusive, IRC ensures that any live playing is accurately in time and on the fly. New programming aides include an intuitive MIDI learn feature, plus an integrated patch browser that can search sounds by genre, color, and character. Patches, Pattern Generator settings, and even MIDI Learn assignments can be saved and recalled as separate items. Loading an existing MIDI Learn preset eliminates the need to re-learn control settings for a new patch, for example.

“There is a lot going in Wobble 2.0. Individual LFO ‘Ramp’ controls allow the ‘wobble’— or motion—in a sound to evolve over time,” says Jason Jordan, Head of Soundware at SONiVOX. “Once you get that going and add in some additional control from the pattern generator, the results can be staggering. And it doesn’t stop there. The onboard effects—even the IRC—can all lock together to produce massive gyrating, pulsating and shifting sounds that remain tempo-locked to the user’s DAW software!”

SONiVOX Wobble 2.0 supports AU, VST, and RTAS formats (AAX coming soon), and is compatible with 32 or 64-bit Mac or Windows systems. Purchase now on for $99.99 (USD). Current Wobble owners can upgrade online for a special discounted price, and can visit for details.


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