Scrooge McDuck meets Finnish Symphonic Prog Metal

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Here's a mash-up you don't see every day: symphonic prog-metal from Finland and a whimsical Disney character. As much as that sounds like something The Onion would cook up (if they were more into surrealism), it's exactly what Tuomas Holopainen, keyboardist in highly respected Scandinavian metal band Nightwish, has been working on for the past year. The album is entitled The Life and Times of Scrooge, but that actually refers to Disney's Scrooge McDuck. That initially puzzled the Dickens out of us, but what the heck--the music is great.

Here's the first music video from the album, for the track "A Lifetime of Adventure."

Here's Tuomas talking about the making of the video and album. We'll be talking to Tuomas about this project and Nightwish's overall body of work soon, so stay tuned.