Scion Remix Series Honors Giorgio Moroder

Digital Release Includes Interpretations by In Flagranti, Turbotito, and Hardy Boyz

Scion has announced their latest foray into the wide world of remix culture, offering up a free EP by Mobroder, the house music side project of Naeem Hanks, Blu Jemz, and DJ Hoff. On Scion A/V Remix: Mobroder-Rush (The Remixes), they take the track "Rush" and leave it to a slew of creative minds to reinterpret the results.

1210 Mobroder cover

Nile Delta approaches "Rush" with a particular disco sensibility, filtering the vocals and pushing the synth progression to center stage. The driving cowbell of In Flagranti's interpretation sets the pace for a searing take, after which Turbotito presents a wholly different and no less danceable rendition. A pervasive, end-of-days darkness characterizes the Hardy Boyz cataclysmic remix and the collection is rounded out by a Shazam remix of "Love Duet" which features a saucy verse from Amanda Blank.

In its continual effort to show support for the arts, Scion covers all production, licensing and distribution costs for the A/V projects, and all proceeds go directly back to the label and artists involved.

Scion A/V Remix: Mobroder-Rush (The Remixes) is also available for streaming on Scion's new lifestyle portal, and via the Scion AV Radio App for the iPhone ®, iPod Touch ®, and iPad ®.

Stream and download Scion A/V Remix: Mobroder-Rush (The Remixes) here:

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