Learn how up-and-coming buzz bands record their albums - in near real-time!

Bass Player, EQ, Guitar Player, and Keyboard magazines are sponsoring the RM64 Artists Record project — a ground-breaking program that provides seven musicians with the gear (the goodies include KRK Rockit monitors, Line 6 Pods, Novation MIDI controllers, Rode microphones, and Propellerhead Reason and Record software packages) and the platform to build audiences, seduce record-label interest, and achieve their musical dreams.

A huge part of the RM64 program is that the seven artists — All Wrong & the Plans Change, Bud Carroll, Sweatshirt Weather, the 54, the Devil Whale, the Eastern Sea, and the Narrative — post blogs, videos, and photos documenting their struggles, strategies, victories, and failures. This “open-network process” affords a tremendous opportunity for the Bass Player, EQ, Guitar Player, and Keyboard reader communities to experience first-hand what it takes to build success or go down fighting in today’s brutally competitive music industry.

Perhaps more importantly, it also lets Bass Player, EQ, Guitar Player, and Keyboard readers share their experiences with the RM64 artists via comments — offering career advice, solace, gear and technique tips, and encouragement. It’s like we’re all part of an unfolding reality show about the music business!

MPN will post regular updates on the RM64 Artists Record project via the magazine Web sites, Facebook, and Twitter, but readers are also encouraged to check on the RM64 site to get the latest news from the artists themselves. See if anything the RM64 Artists are doing can help YOU in your own quest for music-business success, or see if you can save THEM from making a horrible misstep.

Check out the RM64 Artist Record project right now! http://rm64artistsrecord.com/

RM 64 Media is a Los Angeles-based A&R and creative consulting agency working with music, media and entertainment companies. The company was founded by longtime music industry veterans with years of experience and a proven track record for artist discovery. RM 64’s creators have developed a national network of tastemaker talent scouts that find new emerging artists. Their scouts interact and deliver music through an online social platform that incorporates a proprietary artist rating system that assesses and filters new talent. Their clientele includes major and independent record labels, music publishers, media and entertainment companies who have access to their extensive artist content and consulting services. RM 64 also publishes an influential music industry blog that spotlights new talent along with the latest industry insider information.