Rain Launches New Solstice A3 Audio Workstation


RINGWOOD, NJ ­ March 13, 2012 ­ Today brought the announcement of Rain's new Solstice A3 Audio Workstation, a high performance computer designed for audio design with popular apps like Pro Tools and Cubase. Rain Computers, designer of audio and video workstations for the likes of Conan O'Brien, Cirque du Soleil and the US Pentagon, among others, specializes in tireless testing and certification before the release of each new model ensuring a smooth and stable experience for creative pros and novices alike.

Following their new naming convention, Rain has dubbed this pint sized powerhouse Solstice A3, denoting its use for audio ­- hence the "A" - and that this is the 3rd generation of Solstice.

Like the Solstice that came before it, the A3 seeks to empower the creativity of its user through a set of components and features carefully selected and tuned for audio production. Among the most notable standard features is an Intel "Sandy Bridge" quad-core processor, 8 gigabytes of 1600MHz DDR3 memory and a high performance hard drive designed to avoid the glitches and dropouts common to those attempts at rock-stardom conducted on an unworthy computer.

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Of course, the standard configuration is just the tip of the iceberg. Those power hungry musicians among us can opt for a top-of-the-line Core i7 quad-core processor, an astounding 32 gigabytes of memory, FireWire ports specially engineered for popular audio interfaces and two more hard drives, one of which can be instantly installed in the convenient hot-swap hard drive bay.

As Kevin Jacoby, Rain Computers CEO and a musician himself, puts it, "This is every musician's perfect computer. It's small, sexy, affordable and absurdly powerful. We brought the price down enough to get the kind of performance you really want and still have enough left over for a new audio interface."

Solstice A3 is the second Rain to feature the new Vertical Cooling System (the first was Venturi Video + Graphics Workstation), a unique interior design that draws cool air from the bottom forcing hot air from the top. Aside from producing a very quiet audio workstation, it also conveniently places I/O ports (including Super Speed USB 3.0) on the top instead of the back.

And, like all Rain computers, Solstice A3 not only includes comprehensive support and warranty, but 30 days of RainCare Encompass Creative Computer Support at no charge. RainCare Encompass is a unique support program that covers the "grey area" between your computer, software and hardware to avoid that endless cycle of tech support phone calls when all your gear is working fine but it's not working fine together.

The new Solstice A3 Audio Workstation is available now through the Rain Custom Shop and through select Rain Authorized Dealers including Amazon.com and American Musical Supply with more to come soon.

More info available at www.RainComputers.com/solstice-a3