Rain Introduces New Event A2 Computer For Songwriters


The Next Generation of Rain’s Popular Mini Audio Computer Arrives with Options for Quad-Core, Solid State Drives, and Up To 16GB of Memory by Corsair – Songwriters Rejoice

RINGWOOD, NJ – August 7, 2012 – Rain Computers, world-renown designer of high performance audio, video and graphics workstations for clients including Conan O’Brien, Aerosmith and Disney has released the new version of it’s popular Event Mini Audio Computer called Event A2 (A for audio, 2 because it’s the second generation). This diminutive music maker – which starts at a diminutive $799 – is designed for songwriters in search of a digital scratch pad they can use to easily demo new songs and record ideas.

Like its predecessor, Event A2 is based on the latest dual- and quad-core APU technology designed by AMD for high-efficiency, great performance and a stunning visual display through its built-in Radeon HD graphics processor, part of the APU architecture.

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Since finding that the musical community was hungry for a low price, entry level system still capable of being the most powerful and stable platform for popular creative software like Pro Tools and Cubase, Rain has been on the hunt for ever increasing levels of power and flexibility while maintaining a budget-friendly price for those who can do without the ultimate in power (and expense).

“There are a lot of us here at Rain, including myself, who come from the songwriting and performance side of the music biz. We don’t need a super-power system to run a big studio; we’re just looking for a solid computer that will get out of the way while we’re doing a quick demo of a new song. That’s the type of artist Event A2 is perfectly designed for.” explained Rain Computers CEO, Kevin Jacoby.

Like all computers from Rain, Event A2 is tested and certified with the most popular creative software and hardware. Rain users are partial to names like Pro Tools, FL Studio, Cubase and the audio interface hardware that always go along with them.

Features of the second generation Event include the option for a powerful 2.6GHz quad-core processor, up to 16GB of 1600MHz memory, high speed Solid State Drive (SSD) technology by Corsair and a long list of other things you’d be surprised to find Rain could fit in a computer designed to fit on a book shelf.

Right out of the box you’re able to run two full size displays and the Windows 7 64-bit operating system is perfectly tuned for performance and stability. The only thing that’s missing is the crippling bloatware included with off-the-shelf computers from Dell, Apple, HP and the like.

The new Event A2 is available now through the Rain Custom Shop as well as select Rain Authorized Dealers including Guitar Center, American Musical Supply, Amazon.com and Best Buy starting at $799 for the dual-core and $999 for a quad-core with 8GB of memory and a 500GB high performance hard drive.

More info available at www.RainComputers.com/event-a2