Rain Announces Corsair as Exclusive Provider of Memory and More


Rain Audio, Video and Graphics Workstations Will Now Exclusively Feature Corsair Memory, Silent Power Supplies and High Performance Solid State Drives

RINGWOOD, NJ – June 7, 2012 – Rain Computers, designer of high-performance audio, video and graphics workstations, announced an exclusive partnership with Corsair who will provide memory, power supplies and high-performance solid state drives (SSD).

Corsair, the legendary Fremont, California maker of everything from Random Access Memory (RAM) to laser gaming mice, has long been regarded as the number one brand in the industry when it comes to memory, solid state drives and other similar technology. Those familiar with top-of-the-line gaming computers will already be familiar with the added level of performance and reliability that come with the Corsair name.

In its quest to bring increasingly higher levels of performance and reliability to clients including Conan O’Brien, US Olympic Committee, Public Enemy and Cirque du Soleil, Rain conducts tireless independent testing to determine the perfect components for each of its workstations. This process led Rain’s team of engineers to Corsair.

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The added benefits of Corsair technology for Rain users is different for each component. For instance, better memory performance will help with resource-hungry audio and video applications like Adobe CS6, 3ds Max by AutoDesk and Pro Tools from Avid. The new power supplies will reduce excess noise in Rain’s already quiet computers while adding more efficiency for less wasted electricity. And for those Rain users in need of higher than average data throughput, Corsair solid state drives will provide the high-speed data transfer vital to big multimedia projects like feature films, orchestral scores and computer aided design (CAD).

But this joining of technical forces is about more than the sum of its parts, said Kevin Jacoby, CEO of Rain Computers. “This partnership will transcend the technology shared between Rain and Corsair. This is about making our computers so fast, stable and reliable that the technology becomes completely transparent to the musicians, video editors and graphic designers who rely on Rain. The result will be artists making their art, not worrying about their gear.”

The forward-thinking minds at Corsair have a similar perspective: “We’re excited about this new partnership with Rain and the opportunity to work with the creative community on a deeper level. It makes sense to connect two premium brands and make the resulting products the best in the world,” remarked Thi La, VP of the Memory Business Unit at Corsair.

Rain products - including the award winning LiveBook A2 Mobile Audio Workstation and upcoming Element VFX 3D + Graphics Workstation featuring Corsair technology – are available through the Rain Custom Shop as well as Rain Authorized Dealers like Amazon.com, Guitar Center, B&H Photo, Best Buy and more.

More info available at www.RainComputers.com/corsair