Preview: Edgar Winter’s Synth and Music Career Tips

"Frankenstein" composer talks synth programming and music career tips in Keyboard's April issue.
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Author Jerry Kovarsky (L) with Edgar Winter holding the December 1976 issue of Contemporary Keyboard magazine. After the 2016 Winter NAMM show, Keyboard magazine columnist Jerry
Kovarsky got together with multi-instrumentalist Edgar Winter to delve
deeper into his classic song "Frankenstein" -- particularly how the synth
sound was programmed and how the trickier parts are actually played. Check
out the upcoming April issue of Keyboard for all the details!

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Winter also provided us with five tips on making a lasting career in
music, and we thought we'd share one with you ahead of time:

Play Every Show Like It’s Your First, and Your Last
Even though I’ve been playing my songs for a long time now, I try to keep it fresh every night and treat it like it’s the first time. And I leave room for fresh interplay with the band, and to try out new ideas. Before I hit the stage every night I think, “What if this is the last gig I’ll play?” And I commit to give it my all; being able to play for an audience is a gift that I never take for granted.