Output Sounds introduces the first sample library of reversed instruments


Output, a Los Angeles based music software company is opening it's doors Nov 12, 2013 and launching REV - the world's first collection (and a massive one) of instruments, loops, rises, pads, pulses, swells and more all in REVERSE. Released in partnership w/ Native Instruments, REV is built w/in the Kontakt engine and installable through the NI Service Center.

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REV offers users the first chance to play instruments in real time in reverse and includes over 1,000+ presets spread over four unique engines. All sounds lock to tempo and work within all major DAW's. Engines include a wide array of filters, stutters and FX that can help the user tweak the sound both in the studio and on the fly. Available from outputsounds.com, REV will be sold as a full collection for $199 and is built for anyone looking to push their sonic envelope - Producers, Composers, Artists, DJs, Sound Designers, and more...

A few early endorsers include:

  • Harry Gregson-Williams (Shrek, Chronicles of Narnia, Man On Fire)
  • David Kahne (Producer of Paul McCartney, Lana Del Rey, Sublime, The Strokes, Kelly Clarkson)
  • Bill Brown (Composer: CSI)
  • Triniti Coclough (Producer: Public Enemy)
  • Jeff Beal (Composer House Of Cards, Ugly Betty)
  • Greg Townley (Mixer: Sideways, Up In The Air)
  • Jeff Rona (Composer, Lead figure in Building MIDI)