New String Library Combines Rich Sound With Revolutionary New Interface


Life just became a lot easier for composers and producers alike with the release of Cinematic Strings 2.0. This latest version combines the warm rich tones of concert hall strings with a ground-breaking new GUI that is so easy to use that you will be pumping out pieces in record time.

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We're composers, so we understand the frustration of spending countless hours installing, setting up, tweaking, applying FX and mixing, just to have your strings sounding right. Cinematic Strings 2 frees you from all those hassles by providing a simple installation process, a powerful GUI which allows instant access to all of the features you'd expect in a high end string library, and a professionally balanced mix – right out of the box.

Assigning Keyswitches and MIDI controllers, adjusting microphone balance, and controlling vibrato intensity are all within a few clicks. You'll have CS2 sitting alongside your other VSTi's in your template within minutes of installation, and since it's powered by the latest Kontakt Player, you won’t have to worry about owning the full version of Kontakt. The most pleasant surprise of all is the new price - only $499!

For a video introduction of CS2’s new features, a tech walkthrough video and several demo pieces, plus more information on features, tips and tricks and blog updates, please visit our new website