Native Instruments Announces a New Generation of Maschine


New generation of the celebrated groove production system includes
major hardware and software updates, customization kits for hardware,
and a sturdy performance stand

Berlin, August 29, 2012 – Native Instruments today announced the new
generation of MASCHINE, its critically acclaimed groove production
studio. From October 1, 2012, both MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO
will receive a major overhaul with new updates to hardware and software,
and the addition of the MASCHINE STAND and colored CUSTOM KITS.

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The new MASCHINE hardware is now available in a choice of black or
white. New backlit multicolored pads provide advanced visual orientation,
and the pads have also been updated for increased sensitivity. Redesigned
displays provide a wider viewing angle for increased clarity, and
the surface layout has been refined with the addition of a master push-encoder
and new buttons with a click action.

The forthcoming, free MASCHINE 1.8 software update introduces the
new color-coding system. Sounds, groups, patterns and projects can be
assigned specific color schemes, which are reflected in the colors of the
pads and buttons on the hardware, providing instant visual feedback and
improved workflow. Furthermore, the new software also includes offline
time stretching and pitch shifting capabilities as well as a range of new
effects, including NI’s hugely popular dynamic mixing effect Transient
Master. Numerous workflow improvements such as Host Transport
Control, Browser Sample Preview Mode, Auto-Write Pinning and more
plus a number of new hardware shortcuts allow for faster and even more
intuitive control of the software via the MASCHINE hardware.

Another major new addition to the 1.8 update is the inclusion of NI’s
perennial synthesizer MASSIVE – an extremely popular instrument,
renowned for its bass and lead sounds. The full version of the synthesizer
is included, adding 1,300 additional sounds to the MASCHINE library.
Anyone updating to 1.8 update will receive MASSIVE, existing
MASCHINE users included. The instrument will be available as a
download after software registration.

The more compact MASCHINE MIKRO hardware will also be available in
black or white versions, and includes the same increased-sensitivity,
multicolored pads and clickable buttons. MASCHINE MIKRO runs on the
same software as the larger MASCHINE, so MASCHINE MIKRO owners
also get MASSIVE, color-coding, new effects and all workflow

The new MASCHINE generation introduces optional accessories. Owners
of the new flagship MASCHINE can customize their hardware with a
choice of CUSTOM KITS– interchangeable faceplates and knobs in five
color schemes. Applying the new magnetic faceplate is easy and takes
only a few seconds – no additional tools are required. Note that CUSTOM
KITS are not compatible with any version of MASCHINE MIKRO.

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The second accessory, the MASCHINE STAND, delivers an optimized
viewing angle and improved production ergonomics. Designed for both
studio and stage use, the stand has a rugged aluminum construction with
a black anodized finish. Used on a desktop, the stand provides a secure,
non-slip hold thanks to a system of rubber holding pins and rubber feet.
Particularly useful on stage, the included Mounting Adapter connects the
unit to standard snare drum stands, for neat integration into drum
setups. The MASCHINE STAND is compatible with the new black/white
MK2 hardware or first generation MASCHINE, but not MASCHINE

A new video with finger-drumming virtuoso Jeremy Ellis filmed at the
abandoned former US listening station at Berlin's Teufelsberg showcases
the new MASCHINE generation. The video is available at YouTube under:

Pricing and availability:

The new MASCHINE generation, including the accessories, will be
available from October 1, 2012. All items can be pre-ordered

MASCHINE $669/ 599 EUR / 62.800 ¥
MASCHINE MIKRO $399 / 349 EUR / 36.800 ¥
MASCHINE CUSTOM KITS $79 / 69 EUR / 7.800 ¥
MASCHINE STAND $79 / 69 EUR / 7.800 ¥