Modartt Releases U4 Upright Piano add-on for Pianoteq


MODARTT releases an upright piano ‘U4’ add-on for Pianoteq. The improved physical model in update 4.5 of Pianoteq also benefits the grand pianos ‘D4’, ‘K1’, 'YC5' and Blüthner Model 1.

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Upright piano add-on

Eagerly awaited by many Pianoteq users, Modartt proudly presents the very first upright piano model for Pianoteq — the U4 add-on.

A wide range of presets

The U4 emphasizes the characteristics of upright pianos, offering 21 exciting presets demonstrating the versatility of the instrument. Besides the beautiful timbre of well-built acoustic pianos, there is higher inharmonicity and increased "imperfections" in presets such as Blues, Vintage, Honky Tonk, Detuned, Ruined, Bierkeller, Tacky, Wavy, Weathered, Club...

The upright piano history

In contrast to the grand piano, the upright piano is vertically strung and with soundboard and bridges vertical as well. The first instrument resembling to an upright piano appeared in 1739 and a more modern variant in 1800. Mass production followed as the instrument improved by the addition of an iron frame and a larger octave range. The compact size and affordable price made it increasingly popular for use in many smaller music halls, pubs and private homes. Legendary composers such as Scott Joplin, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard all started their music careers on upright pianos.

Updated physical model

Version 4.5 of Pianoteq uses an improved physical model of the hammer/string interaction which also benefits the D4, K1, YC5 and Blüthner Model 1 grand pianos. The timbre variation is now more refined, bringing more intimacy at pianissimo and stronger attack at fortissimo.

Version 4.5 also includes a new Condition parameter which lets you modify with a simple click the state of the instrument, from freshly-tuned to completely worn-out.

Download and Try

The U4 Upright Piano add-on is included for evaluation in the latest update 4.5 of Pianoteq and can be activated for 49 € ($59). Listen to audio samples and download a free trial version at