Modartt Releases Pianoteq STAGE


Pianoteq STAGE, formerly known as Pianoteq PLAY, is based on the same recently refined acoustic model as in version 4 of Pianoteq Standard and PRO. It includes the same instruments, sound and playability. The interface is scaled down, tailored to focus entirely on playing.

Focusing on Playing
Formerly known as Pianoteq PLAY, Pianoteq STAGE is the new version for budget-minded musicians who prefer to focus entirely on playing rather than sound adaptation or specialized studio recording.

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New Sound
Pianoteq STAGE offers the same refined physical model as in version 4 of the Standard and PRO version, including the new grand piano D4 where a Steinway D from Hamburg has served as reference. Designed with extreme care, each note is adjusted and voiced up to perfection, resulting in a stunningly vivid instrument.

Convolution Reverberation
Pianoteq STAGE makes use of a new exciting convolution reverb unit that simulates real acoustic surroundings, from small studios to giant cathedrals, enhancing the sound quality and listening experience.

New Effects
New effects that benefit the electric pianos but also other Pianoteq instruments are included, such as delay, chorus, flanger, amplifier and compressor. Also included is a mallet bounce effect, especially adapted for the chromatic percussion add-on instruments (vibes, xylophone, marimba, cimbalom…).

Listen & Download
Listen to “D4 in action” and download the trial version at Pianoteq STAGE is priced at 99 € ($129). The upgrade from Pianoteq PLAY to Pianoteq STAGE is priced at 29 € ($39) and is free to all Pianoteq PLAY customers who purchased or registered after 1 January 2011.

Pianoteq STAGE supports all Pianoteq instruments. The grand pianos D4 and K1 are embedded in Pianoteq STAGE.

Optional add-ons:

  • Electric pianos and clavinet
  • Rock piano YC5
  • Chromatic percussions

The free add-on KIViR offers a unique collection of historical instruments: cimbalom, harpsichords, pianofortes, early pianos, CP80 electric piano.