Lynx Studio Technology Offers Thunderbolt Driver for Expansion Chassis Usage


COSTA MESA, CA - MARCH 19, 2012 - Lynx Studio Technology has released a new Thunderbolt Driver which provides Thunderbolt™ connectivity for the company’s PCI Express audio cards. When used with third party expansion chassis products from Sonnet Technologies and Magma™, the new Lynx driver allows the AES16e. AES16e-SRC and AES16e-50 professional audio cards to utilize the Thunderbolt connectivity on newer Apple computers.

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“This is our first step in supporting Thunderbolt interface technology,” stated David A Hoatson, Lynx cofounder and chief software engineer. “These upcoming expansion chassis allow many of our existing and established products to be easily added to a Thunderbolt equipped computer.”

The new Lynx driver has been fully tested with the Sonnet Echo Express PCIe 2.0Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis and Magma’s ExpressBox 3T for the Lynx AES16e PCI Express 16 channel AES/EBU interface models. Both units are expected to be shipping soon.

The Lynx Thunderbolt driver is available on the Lynx Studio Technology website at: