LOW CUT CONNIE - Where Donald Trump, a Blow-Up Doll and an Upright Piano Named Shondra Collide

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Philadelphia glam/roots rockers Low Cut Connie have been building a devoted following over the last few years - from President Barack Obama’s inclusion of their song "Boozophilia" on his 2015 summertime playlist alongside Bob Dylan and Sly & the Family Stone, to rave reviews from tastemakers like NPR, Robert Christgau and most recently Rolling Stone's David Fricke, who named the band one of the best acts he saw at the 2017 SXSW Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas.

On May 19, they’re releasing their new album Dirty Pictures (Part 1), which features the raucous first single "Revolution Rock n Roll." It also features a wildly reimagined version of Prince’s “Controversy,” which made waves during the one year anniversary of the famed singer’s passing.

Low Cut Connie’s frontman and keyboardist Adam Weiner paid his dues playing blues piano in clubs from Memphis to Montreal, as well as playing show tunes for six years in New York City’s gay bar scene.

“But unlike the piano-playing character in Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man,’ who’s depressed because he has to entertain the patrons, I relished it.” Weiner says. “I became a professional bar piano player. My specialty was taking old country, rock and soul songs and adapting them to that environment.”

These days, Weiner lugs around a battered upright piano named Shondra (shown in the above photo with the band's now missing blow-up doll Derek) to every gig he plays.

And funnily enough, he bought her from the same South Jersey piano store that Donald Trump reportedly stiffed out of $100,000.

“Donald Trump bought $100,000 worth of pianos from Freehold Music Center and didn’t pay his bill,” Weiner says. “I bought Shondra there, and even though she only cost me $100, I paid my bill. Draw your own conclusions.”

Find-out more at http://lowcutconnie.com