Livid introduces DS1 MIDI Mixer


The DS1 MIDI Mixer is a portable solution for computer-based mixing, production and performance, constructed from the highest-quality parts and materials. 

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This intuitive and versatile controller is the result of a creative collaboration between Livid Instruments and Dubspot, forged from a shared desire to bring classic audio mixer design to the digital world.

"Dubspot’s student workstations in NYC (and soon LA) are equipped for a wide variety of uses, whether it be mixing, production, sound design or DJing. 

We could never find a single complementary controller on the market to meet our functionality and durability needs, so we decided to simply build one ourselves, with Livid Instruments as the perfect partner." - Dubspot Founder & CEO Dan Giove

"By combining Livid’s design and command of high-quality materials with Dubspot’s years of experience teaching enthusiastic students, the DS1 is designed to get work done."- Livid Founder & CEO Jay Smith

Technical Specifications:

  • 9 high-quality, 60mm faders
  • 44 rotary knobs with single-color backlighting
  • 1 push encoder
  • 25 RGB buttons
  • Class-compliant MIDI USB
  • Expression pedal input (compatible with the Livid Master Fader)
  • Ultra light and heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Dimensions 12”W x 12.25”L x 1.06”H

The DS1 is coming soon but we encourage you to sign up for special updates from Dubspot, by clicking the "learn more" button below.