Jacky Terrasson Returns to Blue Note Records

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With 53, the 15 album in a recording career that has now spanned 25 years since his stunning self-titled debut on Blue Note in 1994, the pianist and composer Jacky Terrasson presents a magnificent collection of original pieces in the form of an intimate confession, brought to life by a varied cast of trio mates, and performed at a level of mastery that places Terrasson among of the greatest artists in Jazz. 

Terrasson isn’t holding back. 53 is an album unlike any other in his acclaimed and prolific career. It is a work signaling a turning point in his life in which the pianist dares to venture into the intimacy of his own life story, while throwing himself resolutely into the unknown with new collaborations and new artistic gambles.

And so Terrasson opens up to the world and lays himself bare with an album consisting entirely of his own original compositions. “Over the years I have built up a reputation of covering pieces and thereby making them my own, through a process of formal and stylistic deconstruction that can totally renew the listener’s perception of the piece. I have always enjoyed indulging in this kind of transformation, but here I wanted to break with that, by proposing a musical world directly springing from my own personal compositions. Most of them are recent and I have tried to cover the wide spectrum of my preferred references and directions.”

The result is a collection of 16 tracks that are magnified by precise arrangements. Terrasson takes his listeners on a tour of his musical aesthetics: varying moods, styles, rhythms and references which create a kaleidoscopic universe of sounds. Included are tributes to the pantheon of great masters: notably Keith Jarrett with “Kiss Jannett for Me,” and Ahmad Jamal with the compelling opening theme “The Call,” which sets a high bar for the album from which it never comes down.

Hear the tracks The Call, dedicated to Ahmad Jamal, and "Palindrome."

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