If Lego Made a Modular Synth: Korg LittleBits First Look


Our ever-vigilant friends over at Synthopia picked up this cool new synth kit from Korg's Japanese website (korg.jp). It looks to be available just in time for the holidays, and consists of a set of miniature connectable modules that let you build up your own modular synth. You can add more modules to the starter kit and grow your synth over time.

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All it appears to need is a Lego Keith Emerson figure. Here's part of what was Google-translated from the Japanese site:

"A set of twleve modules, Synth Kit allows you to assemble an analog modular synthesizer by connecting a small magnet to each module. In addition, It was developed based on a circuit that was used in the famous analog synthesizers Korg part of the module."

"The type of module of Synth Kit, there are (× 2), filter, envelope, delay, keyboard, micro-sequencer, mix, split, random, synth speaker power (power supply module), oscillator."

To read more, hit up the source link below.