Halloween treats from Erasure, Audio-Technica, and Kristen Lawrence

It's time for some random Halloween-themed stuff we love this year.

It's time for some random Halloween-themed stuff we love this year.

As you may have heard, seminal synth-pop duo Erasure are touring in support of their new studio album The Violet Flame. "Dead of Night" is a new jam from that record that's rocking our socks right now, and their video cuts together scenes from classic horror movies:

Not to be outdone, microphone and headphone company Audio-Technica seems to recognize that in the supernatural popularity contest, zombies are the new vampires. But how to you record every nuance of one of the walking dead's groans, grunts, and snarls? Their intrepid audio engineers find out in this video, which we might have called "28 dB Later." Sure, it's a commercial for some of their products, but it's one of the funniest ever to come out of the pro audio industry.

Last but not least, the lovely and talented pipe organist and composer Kristen Lawrence, who we profiled in 2010, has long been committed to giving Halloween a musical identity as robust as what Christmas enjoys. You can learn all about her at her website, HalloweenCarols.com, but to get us in the, um, spirit right now, what's better than Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, played on a giant pipe organ? Maybe having such an organ in your house, but that's a different story.

What role do music, keyboards, and synths play in your Halloween festivities? Let us know in the comments below!