Elektron releases Utility Kicks soundpack for their Octatrack sampler


Elektron has released a new Sound pack for the Octatrack - and this time it is all about kicks, kicks, kicks. Utility Kicks features 192 kick drum sounds, all of them meticulously created by the Sample Magic team. Highlights include a section of tuned kicks, which come in hand when wanting to be sure no frequencies clash with those precious bass lines.

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Sample Magic

About Elektron Music Machines

Elektron Music Machines create innovative, user friendly and magic sound sources. Their product lines are widely acclaimed for their stellar sound and unique sequencer capabilities. The company was established in 1998 and consists of a head office located in Gothenburg, Sweden and subsidiaries located in Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, USA.

About the Octatrack

The Octatrack DPS-1 is an 8 track dynamic performance sampler. Each track offers real-time time stretching and pitch shifting, making the machine ideal for radical audio processing and live oriented sampling.

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