Cinematique Releases Junk Drum and Specimenphone

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COLOGNE - June 25, 2012 - Cinematique Instruments, the producer of professional, rare, and versatile instruments libraries, is pleased to announce the release of two new instruments:

Junk Drum

Junk Drum is a tiny step sequencer based drumcomputer. It is perfect suited to lend your music a percussive colour and enrich
your drum track with unique spots. You can easily create your own groove or let Junk Drum play in Random mode.

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Junk Drum comes up with three different sounds: HiHat, Bass Drum and Snare. For modifying the character of your drum pattern, Junk Drum provides plenty of options to change the sound to your very own requirements: lowpass- and highpass filter (with a random high- and low pass modulator), distortion-, lofi-, speaker- and phaser-switches, separate fader to set the length and volume of all three sounds and a delay.

Junk Drum runs in standalone mode as well as in-sync to your host application. In order to create a pattern just select one
of the 16 steps of your favourite track and adjust the right volume by clicking and sliding the respective step. If you want to let
Junk Drum automatically play just switch on the unique random mode and lean back!

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The Specimenphone

Specimenphone! What could this be? It is an assortment of lots of metal bars which are freely hanging on a metallic frame. The object looks like a giant mallet instrument. The bars are metallic product samples which are used to demonstrate different kinds of metal, different sizes and forms such as square chrome bars, brass table legs or steel poles. The length of these metallic objects varies from 1 meter (40 inch) to nearly 2 meter (75 inch).

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We hit all 18 bars and poles with a stick as well as with a rubber hammer in 1-3 velocity layer and 3 Round Robin variations. The sound we recorded with a stick are layered along the white keys, the other along the black keys. In addition to this we provide different options to shape the sound: A cabinet and a rotary simulation, 2 different delays, a reverb and a knob to adjust the release of the sounds. Finally we included the default arpeggiator of Kontakt with some presets.

All in all we are coming up with an instrument with a couple of weird and unique sounds.
You can create sounds you never heard before. It is a great fun to play with Specimenphone

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