Brooke Waggoner Chamber Pop Piano

The music: It’s fairly piano driven with heavy orchestral elements — a mix of chamber pop and cinema

The music: It’s fairly piano driven with heavy orchestral elements — a mix of chamber pop and cinema.



Latest album:Go Easy Little Doves.

Sounds like: Someone once told me that if Elton John and Tinkerbell had a love child . . . well, maybe that’s stretching it a bit.

Influences: Debussy is a huge influence as well as film scores from Masterpiece Theater productions, old Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, and novels by Larry McMurtry.

Studio keyboards for GELD: I used two different Yamaha grand pianos, a baby and a full grand. I also experimented a bit with the actual piano strings — strumming, using the damper pedal while plucking the high treble piano strings, etc.

Songwriting process: It’s usually just random moments of me tinkering on the piano. If I find something I like, I record it in my phone, or on my little handheld recorder, or jot down the melody in my tiny staff paper Moleskine notebook. Lyrics usually come from scraps of lines I’ve collected over the years, usually from times of boredom when I’m jotting little ideas down on random materials.

Cool string arrangements on GELD: They came from old scores I had written in college and wanted to revamp. From piano melodies I loved and decided to orchestrate. From afternoons of sitting with old manuscripts and discovering combos of instruments that I thought sounded so pleasing together.

Biggest challenge in the studio: Learning how to capture “moments” on recordings. You can play something right a million times, but it’s usually just one special take that harnesses the emotion behind it.

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