Avid Releases EuControl 2.6.1 Software


Software/firmware upgrade delivers Mac OS X Lion compatibility and better Artist Series performance

Avid has announced the release of EuControl Software Package Version 2.6.1 for its Artist Series, MC Pro, and System 5-MC controllers. EuControl 2.6.1 is a significant software and firmware update, offering full compatibility with Apple’s new Lion OS, as well as several performance improvements, including firmware fixes for Artist Series fader slam and jitter issues. EuControl Software Package Version 2.6.1 is now available as a free download for Artist Series users at http://euphonix.avid.com/artist/ux/euphonix/artist-support.html and for MC Pro and System 5-MC users at http://euphonix.avid.com/artist/ux/euphonix/mc_support.html .

The Avid® Artist Series is a family of high-quality control surfaces that deliver deep, hands-on control of your favorite audio and video software. Compact and portable enough to fit into any setup, Artist Series controllers offer best-in-class industrial design, highly responsive feel, and extensive functionality to free you from the tedium of working with a mouse and keyboard. MC Pro and System 5-MC are EUCON™-based control surfaces for music and audio post, providing mixers with highly integrated control of EUCON-enabled DAWs, including Pro Tools®, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Pyramix, Digital Performer, and more.

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EUCON is Avid’s open, high-speed Ethernet control protocol that allows Artist Series and other EUCON-enabled Avid control surfaces and consoles to connect to a variety of third-party audio and video software solutions. EUCON integration offers customers comprehensive tactile control over multiple applications and workstations, and is supported by a wide cross section of Mac- and Windows-based applications. Designed to appeal to audio engineers, video editors, and colorists who want to speed up their workflow through tactile control of their projects, Artist Series controllers feature high-quality faders, displays, encoders, trackballs, and programmable keys that provide you with tightly-connected command over almost all software functions through the open EUCON protocol.