ArtistEcard offers new online marketing tools for musicians, gets noticed at MIDEM conference


February 13, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) Create/Publish/Engage/Monetize: ArtistEcard’s slogan to musicians and artists is simply that: direct and to the point. While the Internet and social media have evolved into free marketing tools for any brand, company or individual to take advantage of, there are a select few all-inclusive services that capitalize on user-friendly tools for creating an online presence and brand building catering to Artists, Bands & DJs.

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The music industry has constantly evolved and artists can no longer rely on album sales alone. Promoting oneself via an online presence is what is expected and needed in order to stay relevant. Setting-up a new release, promoting tour dates or starting a campaign can be a daunting task if you do not have the necessary tools or budget. ArtistEcard aims to change all that with a one-stop / one log in marketing platform for website and EPK development, fan engagement and acquisition, the creation of apps, distribution and an e-commerce solution. All tools which are easy to utilize, with no HTML or coding skills required. The service is free with upgrades starting at eight dollars per month.

Artistecard tool features include;

Music, bio, music, news, photos, videos, shows and contact info

HTML5 website development

Facebook, iPhone and Android apps

Website & apps which are optimized for all mobile devices

The ability to sell tickets directly to fans

A domain and webhosting while offering established artists’ the ability to use existing domains

Analytics and Search Engine Optimization

The sales of digital, physical and virtual goods providing the credit card processing (accepting all types of currency) and the pick, pack and ship globally from their centralized warehouse

Content and updates are dynamically pulled from the client console publishing across all platforms

The site is available in multiple languages

Video tutorials and online customer support

Artistecard Video Tutoria Of All Services:

Apps generated an estimated $26 billion in worldwide revenue in 2013, up 44% over 2012, according to Gartner. ArtistEcard Mobile Builder provides clients with the ability to create their own stunning mobile apps for iOS and Android, optimized for mobile devices. Once the user has created a profile, one simply clicks on the Mobile Builder, types in a name for the app with a description and upload an image and a logo. Clicking next, musicians and bands can choose from a number of players and colors and then designate iPhone/ Android or both for use. Once saved, the ArtistEcard Developer account(s) submits the apps to iTunes and/or Google Play for approval. The menu for the apps include; music, bio, videos, photos, shows, news, e-commerce store and more with all content dynamically pulled from the client’s dashboard and pushed to the apps in real time. Apps are included with the Pro Plan or available separately for $8 or 2 for $12. More information and how to use Artistecard’s Mobile Builder can be found at

Catering to a highly targeted clientele, ArtistEcard is the ideal marketing platform for professional musicians, solo artists, bands, record labels, producers, engineers, managers, DJs, and students focusing on promotion, brand building and fan engagement.

The Company recently attended the MIDEM Conference held annually in Cannes, France where they held a series of successful meetings with digital aggregators, distributors and information technology services. As a member of A2IM, the meetings were held in their exhibition space where the marketing platform was met with great enthusiasm. Numerous digital distributors from around the world showed a keen interest in the Mobile Builder for Apps with intentions of making them available to each respective client base. Immediate future plans are to leverage these newfound relationships into curating additional formidable global marketing B 2 B strategic partnerships.

About Artistecard:

Headquartered in Chicago, ArtistEcard is a comprehensive marketing platform providing the tools for Artists, Bands and DJs to create, publish, engage and monetize fans. The powerful software platform includes a suite of tools including: HTML5 and EPK builder; Facebook, mobile apps; integration of social media platforms; database management for direct-to-fan engagement; ecommerce store for physical, digital and virtual goods with centralized global fulfillment; world-wide digital distribution; enhanced analytics and support services. The service is free and includes a domain and webhosting while offering established artists’ the ability to use existing domains. The site is available in multiple languages with upgrades starting at $8.00 per month. ArtistEcard allows users to create all of these elements for themselves with no coding or website development skills required. For more information, visit: