3 Top Techno Tips From Gabe

Sound: Tech-House, Techno, Trance Webpage: soundcloud.com/gabe

Sound: Tech-House, Techno, Trance


Top 3 Studio Tricks:
· When layering drums, pay attention to track delays. They can help a part sound more real or sit better in a mix.
· For hi-hats, use a single track [dance music producers often use many hi-hat tracks] and make sure the sound is perfectly suited to the mix so you don’t need to add new hats later.
· Don’t just use sidechaining for bass, but try it on different instruments. It can help your mixes breathe.
DAWs: Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live.
Analog synth: Minimoog Voyager.
Analog recording gear: Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor and Fat Bustard all-tube mixer.
Audio interface: Apogee Symphony system, Lavry LE-4496.
Hardware effects: Eventide H8000FW.
Monitors: Adam S5VA Mk.II.
Favorite artist: A Brazilian artist called CéU. The new album Vagarosa is wonderful.
Influences: Stimming, Michel Cleis, Radio Slave, Christian Smith, Trentemoller, and Martin Buttrich.
Words of Wisdom: Don’t get stuck on your own loops and waste too much time on one track. Sometimes I spend a month, sometimes a day, but if it’s not working out, I just move on to a new track.