The Art of Synth Soloing: The Caped Wonder—Rick Wakeman, Expanded

Full synthesizer solos for the article The Caped Wonder - Rick Wakeman.
By Jerry Kovarsky ,

Here are the full solos that accompany the Keyboard article, The Art of Synth Soloing: The Caped Wonder - Rick Wakeman, from the March 2017 issue.

Ex. 1. Rick's solo from "Starship Trooper," from the live Yessongs release. This is a great example of how he used chordal arpeggiations and sheer speed to dazzle the audience.

Returning to tour with Yes in 2003, Rick tears is up on a one-chord jam in "South Side of the Sky," as featured on the Live at Montreux 2003 release. Get the DVD/Blu-ray to watch his performance.

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