Heavyocity Aeon Collection reviewed
Feb 25 2014 10:14PM
Heavyocity is known for top-shelf sample collections that combine production-ready cinematic sounds wrapped up in cleverly designed interfaces that take advantage of the custom scripting options in Native Instruments
Korg Volca series reviewed
Feb 25 2014 9:59PM
Korg has been aggressively expanding their offerings in affordable true analog synths. First there were the Monotrons, then the Monotribe, then the MS-20 Mini. Now come the Volcas, which are an order of magnitude more
5 Ways To Play Like Antonio Carlos Jobim
Feb 25 2014 9:15PM
The Brazilian pianist, composer, and songwriter Antonio Carlos Jobim was one of the most influential musicians of the past century. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Jobim found fame providing music for the 1959 film “Black
Latin Jazz star Michel Camilo on Left Hand Independence
Oct 9 2013 3:56PM
When I began practicing the music of the great stride piano masters, I noticed how they always seemed able to keep their left-hand beat steady as it shifted between chords, counter-melodies, runs, and bass lines. I tried to
Salsafy Your Sound!
May 16 2013 3:00PM
Salsa (Spanish for “sauce”) is a broad commercial term used to describe danceable Latin music. There are no specific chord voicings or progressions that give you a Salsa sound; it’s all about feeling the rhythm in chunks of
Secrets of Samba Piano
Apr 19 2013 2:00PM
Growing up in Brazil, I listened to a lot of Samba, which is Brazil’s most popular style of music. To illustrate how to play Brazilian Samba properly, let’s take a typical jazz-ish melody and chords, and change them into
Booker T Video Repost
Oct 12 2011 12:00AM
We've been meaning to catch up with Booker T. Jones since his Grammy win for the 2009 album Potato Hole--for which we interviewed him back in August '09. If you haven't heard his latest, The Road From Memphis, you're missing out,
Welcome to Keyboard's November 2011 Links Page
Oct 10 2011 12:00AM
Exclusive interview with the Flaming Lips! Evan Bogart talks songwriting, keyboards, and production. Miss our Summer NAMM gear wrap? It's online?    

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