Summer NAMM 2013 Video Gear Reports
Jul 13 2013 2:53PM
Summer NAMM is on, and we've been pounding the floor to bring you the latest in keyboard, recording, and live sound news from Nashville. If you can't see the videos below, CLICK HERE to watch them on YouTube, which often works
Arturia iMini
Jul 12 2013 9:59AM
Arturia’s reputation for impeccable emulations of classic analog synths borders on legendary, so when they dropped their iMini—a full recreation of the Minimoog—the iOS synth community got very excited. The attention to detail
Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D
Jun 27 2013 1:21PM
Out of dozens of software pianos, the one that has emerged as the go-to recording tool—the one on the DAW templates of so many of my composer colleagues—is a decade-old preset called “Warm Concert D” from Synthogy’s first
Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars 2
Jun 13 2013 7:00PM
Sample Logic’s Cinematic Guitars 2 picks up where the original left off by further exploring the sonic landscape that’s possible through combining creatively sampled acoustic and electric guitars with all manner of sound
Xfer Records Cthulhu Chord Plug-In
Jun 13 2013 7:00PM
Steve Duda’s plug-ins are some of the biggest secret weapons in modern dance music production. His LFO Tool—which was originally designed for Deadmau5 as a software-based control voltage generator—has morphed into one of the
Native Instruments The Giant
May 29 2013 9:00AM
The upright piano is frequently regarded as the “poor relation” to the grand. With Native Instruments The Giant, any comparison becomes one of apples and oranges—or even fish and bicycles. It helps that The Giant isn’t derived
IceGear Cassini Synth for iPad
May 27 2013 7:00PM
Over the past year, we’ve reviewed a slew of analog-style iPad synths. Each relies on the familiar oscillator-filter-envelope architecture we all know and love. On the surface, it seems like one or two of these would be
Korg iPolysix Virtual Analog Synth for iPad
Apr 28 2013 4:00PM
Of all of the analog synths I’ve owned over the past three decades, the Korg Polysix has a truly special place in my heart, since it was my first polyphonic synthesizer. For seven years, this single-oscillator, all-analog
XLN Audio Addictive Keys
Apr 26 2013 1:00PM
There are probably more virtual pianos than any other software instrument. One reason for such a surfeit of pianos is that no two people agree on what constitutes the perfect piano. Then, there’s the question of what you’re
Samplemodeling: The Future of Virtual Wind Instruments?
Apr 12 2013 2:00PM
PROS Amazingly realistic and expressive solo wind instruments. Easier to get realistic performances live than anything else we’ve tried. CONS CPU-intensive. Too few presets per instrument.  Bottom Line Samplemodeling
Apple GarageBand for iOS
Mar 7 2013 8:00PM
GarageBand has long been the gateway to multitrack music production for beginners, the iOS version even more so thanks to the element of touch. However, I’d been hearing so much praise for it, mainly from colleagues who
Samplr App for iPad Reviewed
May 15 2013 2:00PM
There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to live performance-oriented samplers for the iPad. Designed by Marcos Alonso and aptly named “Samplr,” this app cribs the design aesthetic from Teenage Engineering’s
Steinberg Cubase 7 First Look
Feb 8 2013 12:12PM
Steinberg has pulled out all the stops with Cubase 7, which is the most musical and powerful upgrade to the popular DAW we've yet seen. You can get all the official info on their product page, but we just attended a Club Cubase
Cinematic Strings 2
Jan 30 2013 10:51PM
By MICHAEL GALLANT   Whether you want driving pizzicato string basses to fuel your horror movie score or a soaring violin section to bring your pop ballad home, there’s nothing like a solid orchestral presence to give your
Heavyocity Damage
Jan 30 2013 10:00PM
By JOHN KROGH   Heavyocity has built a reputation among musicians, composers, and producers for creating some of the most inspiring and ear-bending sample libraries on the market. Their latest offering, Damage, is a more
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