5 Ways To Play Like Donald Fagen
Mar 21 2013 5:00PM
For over 40 years, Donald Fagen has had a monumental impact on modern music.  His jazz-tinged songwriting and funky keyboard work helped define the sound of a generation. Largely self-taught, Fagen regularly went to
One-Handed Keys
Nov 20 2012 5:00PM
WHETHER YOU’RE A KEYBOARD-PLUS-HORN PLAYER LIKE ME, or you're just looking for lean, mean parts to play on the fly, there’s a one-handed keyboard part for just about everyone. I concocted the following strategy out of
Piano Strategies for Vocal Pop
Oct 4 2012 3:11PM
THE KEY TO EFFECTIVE POP PIANO PLAYING IS TO BE STRATEGIC ABOUT HOW MANY VOICES YOU USE, what range you play in, and how you use dynamics. You don’t have to play ten notes all the time, or play constant rhythms that mimic
5 Ways To Play Like Greg Phillinganes
Jul 25 2012 4:00PM
by Matt Beck ONE LOOK AT GREG PHILLINGANES’ RÉSUMÉ AND YOU’LL QUICKLY UNDERSTAND why he has risen to the top of modern music. Greg has toured and/or recorded with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Herbie Hancock,
Voicings To Fit Each Song Section
Apr 1 2010 1:00AM
Your choice of chord voicings and the style in which you play them is one of the most crucial decisions you can make at the gig or recording session. This is as true for simple rock as it is for complex jazz; perhaps even
Ten Minute Technique - Warming Up Under the Gun
Jan 22 2010 8:10AM
by Josh DodesFinding time to practice is difficult for all of us. Whether you’re on the road, running from one gig to the next, or dealing with distractions at home, it can be daunting to keep your chops up. Whether at sound
Booker T Video Repost
Oct 12 2011 12:00AM
We've been meaning to catch up with Booker T. Jones since his Grammy win for the 2009 album Potato Hole--for which we interviewed him back in August '09. If you haven't heard his latest, The Road From Memphis, you're missing out,
Welcome to Keyboard's November 2011 Links Page
Oct 10 2011 12:00AM
Exclusive interview with the Flaming Lips! Evan Bogart talks songwriting, keyboards, and production. Miss our Summer NAMM gear wrap? It's online?    
Julian Velard On The Art And Technology Of The Two-Man Band
Aug 1 2010 1:00AM
When I set out to create my two-man band, it wasn’t out of synth-driven inspiration—it was purely based on economics. Most gigs leave me with just enough money for one man, and that man is me! However, after years of playing
Daniel Mintseris On Creative Wurly Comping
Jun 1 2010 1:00AM
The Wurlitzer Electronic Piano is loved the world over for its vintage sound. Songs like Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say,” Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” and Beck’s “Where It’s At” are just three of the countless
Finger Independence
Apr 1 2010 1:00AM
by Kiki Ebsen  In my touring career with artists like Colin Hay of Men at Work, Wilson Phillips, and my own band, it has always been challenging to find time to practice. That’s why I’ve come up with my own exercises that can
Michael Jacksons “Billie Jean”
Dec 1 2009 12:00PM
Michael Jackson created some of the most universally memorable — and downright funky — music of the last century. His hit “Billie Jean,” from the best-selling album of all time, Thriller, makes great use of synth bass and
Rock Keys Legend Benmont Tench
Sep 23 2009 12:00AM
If the history of rock keyboards had a name, that name would be Benmont Tench. From his seminal work as a founding member of the Heartbreakers to sessions with everyone from Bob Dylan to Stevie Nicks to Elvis Costello, his sound

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