Roland RD-64 Review
Aug 28 2013 10:34AM
PROS: Fully-weighted keyboard action in a compact, lightweight package. Practical selection of quality piano, electric piano (tine and reed), Clav, and drawbar organ tones. High-quality onboard effects. Ivory-like keyboard
Kawai ES7 Digital Piano Reviewed
Aug 22 2013 3:31PM
PROS Gorgeous grand piano sounds. Very soulful and realistic electric pianos. Surprisinglly robust complement of accompaniment features adds important fun factor. Beautiful design.  CONS Heavy compared to other digital
Casio Privia Pro PX-5S Review
Aug 21 2013 2:34PM
Snap Judgment PROS Same piano sample as PX-350, but with added DSP and programming for even more realism. Dazzling EP, Clav, and complex synth sounds. Deeply programmable synth with realtime control. Four zones each of
Mellotron M4000D
Jul 30 2013 1:42AM
Behold, the mighty Mellotron. Like its predecessor the Chamberlin, it used racks of tape containing recordings of real instrument sounds, and can fairly be thought of as the original “sampler.” It became part of the pop music
Roland VR-09 V-Combo
Jul 24 2013 11:28AM
Roland’s V-Combo line has always been about live performance keyboards that put drawbar organ sounds center stage but bundle in other gig essentials like acoustic and electric pianos, synths, strings, basses, brass, and more.
Modular Synthesis Demystified
Jul 23 2013 8:22PM
Not unlike vinyl records, modular synths have worked their way back into the mainstream with a vengeance. Once the domain of university music departments, cerebral and deep-pocketed electronic composers, and progressive rock
Summer NAMM 2013 Video Gear Reports
Jul 13 2013 2:53PM
Summer NAMM is on, and we've been pounding the floor to bring you the latest in keyboard, recording, and live sound news from Nashville. If you can't see the videos below, CLICK HERE to watch them on YouTube, which often works
Davis Muller KeyB Solo
Jul 5 2013 3:47PM
For the gigging organ player, the choices for a top-shelf clonewheel organ are better than ever. The instruments currently available from Hammond, Nord, Studiologic, and Crumar are all pretty phenomenal, with each model giving
Korg KingKorg Virtual Analog Synth
Jun 27 2013 1:51PM
The comeback of real analog synths has partially eclipsed virtual analog synths, which just a few short years ago were the go-to solution for classic electronic sounds and knob-grabbing control. A hardware VA still has
Alesis Vortex
Jun 26 2013 3:25PM
Originally a hot property with fusion soloists in the ’70s and new wave keyboardists in the ’80s, keytars are making a big comeback. With prices of vintage keytars escalating madly on the used market, Roland has stepped up
Alesis Vortex Review
Jun 26 2013 2:41PM
Originally a hot property with fusion soloists in the ’70s and new wave keyboardists in the ’80s, keytars are making a big comeback. With prices of vintage keytars escalating madly on the used market, Roland has stepped up
Yamaha NU1 Upright Hybrid piano
Jun 5 2013 5:00AM
“People come in here looking for an acoustic upright they can afford, but often leave with this thing.” So said more than one piano dealer we spoke to when doing research for the affordable acoustic piano roundup in this
Affordable Acoustic Pianos
May 31 2013 12:00PM
If you’re in the market for a new piano and want to keep your expenditure comfortably in the realm of four figures, you’re most likely looking at uprights, also called vertical pianos. In addition to the lower costs of
Korg Krome Synth Workstation Reviewed
May 9 2013 6:41PM
Meet the Son of Kronos. No, not Zeus—there’d be a bit of a conflict with his Roman equivalent if Korg had gone there. Krome is a Greek root meaning “color,” and Korg’s new affordable do-it-all synth certainly serves up a
Focusrite Announces Scarlett 18i8 and 6i6 Audio Interfaces
May 8 2013 1:00PM
Focusrite is pleased to announce the introduction of two new members of its Scarlett range of USB 2.0 audio interfaces: the Scarlett 18i8 (18 in, 8 out) and Scarlett 6i6 (6-in, 6-out). Both are aimed at recording artists,
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