Chick Corea discusses his new band The Vigil
Apr 1 2014 7:21PM
“I wanted to give a name to this band that had a specialness to it,” legendary pianist and composer Chick Corea says of his nimble new group, the Vigil. “I haven’t had my own band where I write the music, hire the
Brian Haas on How Not To Be a MusicBot
Mar 19 2014 10:46AM
Putting the music of Brian Haas into words is like trying to describe a chameleon in a crayon factory. Haas is founder and helmsman of the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey—a group that has consistently explored both inside and
Pink Martini: The Keyboard Interview
Jan 8 2014 2:09PM
Talking to Pink Martini’s pianist, arranger, and bandleader Thomas Lauderdale just may convince you that he’s the best friend that music will ever have.  Upon listening to any album, it seems that both literally and
Adam Holzman Straddles Prog Rock and Jazz Fusion
Sep 20 2013 1:32PM
Considering the similarities between prog rock and jazz fusion, it’s surprising there hasn’t been more cross-pollination between them. Adam Holzman is one of the few keyboardists who can claim high-profile gig in both
Hiromi Creates a Soundtrack for Everyday Life
Aug 15 2013 5:00PM
“I really love Frank Zappa,” proclaims jazz pianist and composer Hiromi, seated next to a nine-foot concert grand piano at Yamaha Artist Services in midtown Manhattan. “He’s been one of my biggest influences, and he’s who I
Eldar Pushes the PIanistic Envelope on His New Jazz Release Breakthrough
Jun 19 2013 3:00PM
Even a quick listen to Eldar Djangirov’s blistering new track “Point of View Redux” (download it for free at http://soundcloud.com/keyboardmag/eldar-djangirov-point-of-view) may send you back into the practice room
Inside George Duke's Studio
May 24 2013 9:00AM
Fusion and funk keyboard legend George Duke has a new album coming out called Dreamweaver (in case you're wondering, no, it has nothing to do with the synth soft rock classic by Gary Wright), and we're going to bring you an
New Releases from Eldar - Download a Free Track!
Apr 10 2013 3:45PM
Pianist Eldar Djangirov first gained attention at age 10 after moving from Kyrgyzstan to the U.S. and shocking audiences with his virtuosic performances. More than 15 years later and with the release of two albums coming up - a
Fred Hersch
Jan 18 2013 7:01PM
On Success, Survival, and the Search for a Singular Sound   by Jon Regen   “I feel like this particular set is my best trio work to date,” says jazz pianist and composer Fred Hersch, referring to his new double album Alive at
New Keyboard Talent To Watch in 2013
Jan 18 2013 7:00PM
Six of the Best New Keyboard Artists Across Multiple Genres     It’s a question we get all the time: What up-and-coming artists are inspiring the next generation of players and putting keyboards and electronic
Jimmy and Joey's excellent adventure
Feb 1 2005 12:00AM
It’s the kind of thing any gathering of fans — whether music fans or sports — daydreams about after a few rounds: What if the godfather of the whole game shared the limelight with the young lion who’s taken it to a new level? And
Marian Petrescu - Extended Interview
Oct 20 2011 12:00AM
by Robbie Gennet   In the first of a series of extended interviews with today's brightest keyboard stars, we sat down at the piano for a talk with Romanian jazz piano phenomenon Marian Petrescu. Though his style has been
Sep 1 2009 5:37PM
The Young Lion on the Virtue of Blazing JazzTrouble seeing Eldar's videos below? Click here.  “There is a certain kind of freedom in playing solo piano,” the progressive jazz pianist Eldar tells me just minutes after finishing a

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