New Orleans Piano with Josh Charles
Aug 18 2010 12:00AM
Josh Charles knows a thing or two about New Orleans-style stride, boogie, and gospel piano playing. He should--at 13 years of age, he approached the legendary Dr. John and asked to be his student. After hearing what the young
Clifford Carter On Reharmonizing “Body and Soul”
Jul 1 2010 1:00AM
The timeless standard “Body and Soul” was written in 1930 by Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, Frank Eyton, and Johnny Green. Paul Whiteman and his orchestra made it popular, and it was covered by countless artists, including Ella
5 Ways To Play Like McCoy Tyner
Jun 1 2010 1:00AM
When I was first learning jazz piano, McCoy Tyner’s style had a big influence on my playing. Years later, during a set with saxophonist Gary Bartz at a jazz club in Washington, DC, I was doing my best McCoy emulation when
Color Your World
May 1 2010 1:00AM
It doesn’t take an encyclopedic knowledge of music theory to add new depth to your chord voicings. My mentor, the great jazz pianist Kenny Barron, would often respond to questions about his commanding chord palette by
A Rhythm Changes Primer
Mar 31 2010 1:00PM
In 1928, George and Ira Gershwin composed the iconic song “I Got Rhythm.” In the years following, the harmonic structure of this timeless classic has become the backbone of countless songs written and/or performed by such
Chester Thompson B-3 Master Class
Feb 11 2010 9:41PM
In this web-only video master class, original Tower of Power keyboardist Chester Thompson--who more recently played with Santana--explains some of the secrets behind his unique, bubbling, rhythmic Hammond B-3 style on such TOP
The Chord Doctor - Expand Your Chordal Command
Jan 22 2010 7:45AM
by Clifford CarterYou hear that the government is contemplating another multi-billion dollar stimulus package. That’s an intimidating number I can’t even digest. A much kinder, gentler number is 12 — the number of notes in the
Minor Scale Mastery
Dec 1 2009 12:25PM
Minor chords are used liberally in jazz, both in standards and originals, so it’s important to know your options when it comes to playing scales over these chords. On the surface, you could surmise that a minor chord would
Boogie Down
Nov 1 2009 10:15PM
by Scott Healy Before rock ’n’ roll, there was boogie-woogie. Without boogie, we wouldn’t have Little Richard, Johnnie Johnson, or Jerry Lee Lewis — or half of New Orleans piano music and most of blues. If you play a lot
Voicing With Fifths
Nov 1 2009 4:50AM
You’ve probably voiced chords in thirds and sometimes even in fourths. But, how many times have you voiced chords in fifths? Well, if you’ve used quartal voicings, you have in fact touched on a form of fifths voicings. When
Master Class Stride Piano
Oct 1 2009 5:10PM
Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of piano players like the mention of stride piano. This seemingly impossible old style is like ragtime on steroids, and pushes jazz pianists to the limit. The left hand alternates a low
Triad Textures

Want to add some bite and spice to your voicings? Look to upper structure triads for the uplifting effects you desire. As the name implies, an upper structure triad (UST) is simply a triad placed over another chord with a

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